Canstaff has been providing staffing services across the GTA for over a decade

Founded in 2003
Canstaff was established in 2003 when founder, Mahadeo Sankar, saw a compelling opportunity to compete in the staffing industry.  Mahadeo immigrated to Canada 30 years ago, at just the age of 23.  When he arrived to Toronto in 1986 he had to start from scratch.
After working for staffing agencies himself for many years he noticed an inherent flaw in the staffing industry. The staffing agencies themselves were earning profits on the back of hard working & honest individuals, mostly immigrants new to Canada. They were treated with no dignity or respect and were paid below minimum wages. Mahadeo set out to change that.
Mahadeo started his first agency in 1996. It was a  success! His entreprenurial spirit infleunced him to sell the business and move on to other ventures. Then in 2003, after coming around full circle, Mahadeo started to venture in the staffing industry once more, this time birthing Canstaff.
Canstaff Staffing Solutions has long since been the agency of choice for companies across the GTA for over a decade. With Mahadeo's "bird's eye view" experience in a variety of scenarios such as, having immigrated to Canada, being employed by staffing firms and now owning his own staffing firm, has given him a competitive advantage over main stream agencies.
He has leveraged the diversity found in the GTA and has created an environment meant to empower individuals, making the client experience unmatched in the staffing industry.

Founder: Mahadeo Sankar

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